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#Android | September 17, 2019

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Possible Press Shot of the Black HTC One X Shows up Ahead of February 19th Event

February 15, 2013 |

We’re only four days away from the unveiling of the HTC One and that means we’ll be hearing plenty of leaked information and seeing plenty more leaked photos. One such photo is a supposed press shot of a black variant of the HTC One. Read More

The HTC One Will Apparently Feature Lots of Lens Flare

February 13, 2013 |

HTC has officially started the countdown (literally) to their February 19 event in which they will unveil the HTC One to the world. Read More

Amazon Matches Wirefly by Offering the HTC DROID DNA for $49.99 to New Customers

February 12, 2013 |

Yesterday, Wirefly dropped the price of the HTC DROID DNA on Verizon to $49.99 for new customers. Today, Amazon Wireless is doing the same. Amazon doesn’t take too kind to being out-discounted and thus has matched Wirefly’s deal for all new customers. Read More

Wirefly Drops Price of HTC DROID DNA to $49.99 for new Customers [Deal Alert]

February 11, 2013 |

Wirefly dropped a little treat in our inbox today. Anyone interested in picking up an HTC DROID DNA on Verizon can get the lowest price available at $49.99 just as long as they’re a new customer. Read More

HTC Prefers Chutes Over Ladders: Revenues and Profits Continue to Drop

February 4, 2013 |

Despite the more recent HTC One X+, DROID DNA, and soon to be unveiled M7, HTC’s revenues and profits continue to fall. HTC claimed a while back that it was marketing to blame and so they went ahead and hired a new Chief Marketing Officer. However, I’m pretty sure I didn’t see HTC anywhere near the Super Bowl — so much for effective marketing. Read More

James Taylor and HTC Clear up Misunderstandings, the Internet can now Rest

February 2, 2013 |

A couple weeks back, James Taylor, former owner of was issued a Cease & Desist order from HTC’s lawyers over his domain name and the copyrighted files hosted on his site. Confusion soon arose over what exactly HTC took issue with and it soon escalated into a perceived attack on the developer community. Read More

Verizon Finally Approves Ice Cream Sandwich for the HTC Thunderbolt, but does anyone Really Care?

January 31, 2013 |

Most Thunderbolt owners have already accepted the fact that they’ve been shafted on so many levels, but now that Verizon has actually gone ahead and released Ice Cream Sandwich for the aging device, will they feel any differently? Read More

HTC Plans to Show us “What’s Next” During February 19th Events

January 29, 2013 |

While many OEMs plan on introducing their new wares during Mobile World Congress, HTC has planned an event for the week before to show us all “what’s new.” There will actually be two events taking place at the same time: one in NYC and one in London. Read More

Latest Purported HTC M7 Images Make More Sense and Thankfully Look a Whole less Like an iPhone 5

January 21, 2013 |

I usually don’t post on purported renders of devices yet announced and thus didn’t post up the early renders of the HTC M7. However, I’d like to point out, I was disappointed by the renders as they painted a picture of an HTC device that looked a whole lot like an iPhone 5. Thankfully, the latest batch of purported M7 images look more like an HTC device and less like, well… a you know what. Read More