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#Android | October 27, 2020

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Watch HTC’s One M9 Announcement Live From Barcelona on March 1st

February 25, 2015 |

At this point, we probably know more about the HTC One M9 than HTC would care to admit. Either way, HTC still plans to try and “wow” us with its latest flagship device in Barcelona during MWC 2015. To ensure we don’t miss a single lens flare video, adjective laced feature set, or downright hyperbole, HTC has posted streaming information for the March 1st event.

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@Upleaks Leaks HTC One M9 in a Series of Pictures and Videos

February 25, 2015 |

It’s time to sing that sad song again: the one when HTC has its flagship device leaked well before its official announcement. This time we can give thanks to Twitter leaker @upleaks for the pre-release content. Somehow he/she got their hands on some HTC One M9 advertising media and graciously decided to share it with the world — or at least the Twitterverse.

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ASUS Posts Their Quirky MWC Conference for all to Enjoy

February 26, 2013 |

If you’re sad about missing out on the wacky ASUS conference in where they unveiled a duo of misspelled devices, then turn that frown upside down, because ASUS has posted the highlights for all to enjoy.

You’ll want to grab some popcorn for this one folks.


Someone Please tell ASUS that “Phone” is not Spelled With an “F”

February 25, 2013 |

Today at Mobile World Congress, ASUS took the stage to show off its future wares. While you never can tell what ASUS is going to show up with, we at least knew a new Padfone model would make an appearance. As expected, ASUS announced the all new Padfone Infinity. Read More

[MWC Edition] What you Might Have Missed: LG Announces its Four-Tier Smartphone Strategy

February 25, 2013 |

While most OEMs shift to a “less is more” approach, LG is going for a “more the merrier” strategy. LG plans on releasing four new Optimus devices, all of which LG believes fit a particular consumer tier. Read More

[MWC Edition] What you Might Have Missed: Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0

February 25, 2013 |

Mobile World Congress 2013 is now underway and while we’ll be hearing a slew of announcements throughout the next couple days, that hasn’t stopped OEMs from taking full advantage of the pre-MWC weekend to sneak in what they could. Since most of us catch up on sleep or home responsibilities during the weekend, here’s what you might have missed. Read More