[Pro-Tip] How to Access VoLTE in Android M Preview | #Android
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#Android | April 21, 2024

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[Pro-Tip] How to Access VoLTE in Android M Preview

| On 03, Jun 2015

[Pro-Tip] How to Access VoLTE in Android M Preview

With the Android M developer preview just recently being available, we have to be aware that certain settings and options have changed and that being a developer preview not everything will work. There are many things not working to full potential in M, but one of those that we though we’re broken happens to just be hidden: VoLTE.

Those who were using VoLTE on their devices before M, were shocked to find that after flashing the upgrade, VoLTE was no longer there. Some were re-adding the feature to their carrier accounts and having to reboot their phones numerous times just to get the option back. others were just trying to get used to life without simultaneous voice and data access. Now we know that process isn’t necessary anymore and that there’s an easier way to get the option to show up in settings again.


  • Dial this in your dialer app: *#*#4636#*#*

  • Choose “Phone Information” from the menu that shows up

  • Scroll down and select “Turn on VoLTE Provisioned Flag”

  • Toggle Airplane Mode on your device

  • Check “Cellular Networks” under the More Wireless & Networks option in settings

  • Profit


I was able to confirm that this does indeed work on my Google Play Nexus 6 using Verizon although I haven’t been able to attempt under other carrier, it also sticks through device reboots. Have fun being about to talk to moms while being on Twitter!


Source: XDA