Collections Brings Grouping Posts by Topic to Google+ | #Android
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#Android | June 13, 2024

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Collections Brings Grouping Posts by Topic to Google+

| On 05, May 2015

Collections Brings Grouping Posts by Topic to Google+

Google+ has been overdue for a new feature and Google has definitely satisfied that today by announcing and releasing “Collections.” Collections is a way to group your posts by their topic. For example, you could create a Collection that is comic book based and fill it up with a bunch of neat comic news. Users of Google+ can also follow Collections about things that they’re interested in.

Collections can be created and shared publicly, privately, only to the account holder, or to certain groups and people. An important thing to remember is that you can’t change who you share the Collection with. If you share a Collection publicly and then decide you don’t want it shared publicly, there’s no way to change that unless you delete the Collection and start over. Deleting the Collection will remove any posts that you have put in there. You can customize your Collection by using different banners and colors for it. There are a ton of stock options for banner photos but you can also upload your own should you find a better image elsewhere.

Collections are currently available on the web version and Android version of Google+. You’ll want to be sure to update your Google+ app to the newest version. If you haven’t already updated it be sure to do so by clicking here. If you’re curious about which Collections to follow, Google has curated a nice list here. It is also important to note that you automatically follow any Collections that people in your circles have created. Have no fear, though. You can unfollow whichever ones you don’t like. What do you think of Collections? Will you be using it?


Source: Google+